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Dapper! Team USA shows off Olympic uniforms

We're just a few hours away from the 2012 London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony, and what better way to whet your appetite than some hot shots of Team USA?

On Thursday, Olympic basketball player Kevin Durant (of the Oklahoma City Thunder) tweeted an Instagram photo of himself alongside teammate Carmelo Anthony (New York Knicks). The two were getting fitted in their Ralph Lauren-designed, official Olympic Opening Ceremony uniforms for Team USA, complete with double-breasted navy blazers, crisp white shirts and striped ties.

kevinlove7 / Instagram

Ready to represent: Basketball players Kevin Durant, left, and Carmelo Anthony, right, take their Olympics Opening Ceremony uniform fittings very seriously.

Look at these guys – quite the gentlemen, they even rocked the berets! (All together now: GO TEAM!)

For the uniforms, the iconic American brand was "very inspired by the 1948 Games, which is the last time that Americans competed in England,” said David Lauren, Ralph Lauren's executive vice president, in an interview with TODAY on July 10, adding it was an "updated take on old-world elegance."

Though stylish, the uniforms were not without controversy. Some considered the berets to be an odd choice for Team USA, and Ralph Lauren was heavily criticized for having manufactured the clothing in China. On July 13, the U.S. Olympic Committee announced that while it was too late to change the outfits ahead of the Games, it had agreed with Ralph Lauren to make apparel for the 2014 Olympic Winter Games domestically.

Ralph Lauren

Olympians Ryan Lochte, Bryan Clay, Giuseppe Lanzone and Heather Mitts model the official Olympic gear.

Wish you could look as suave as the competitors (but love your couch too much to ever consider training for the Olympics)? You can easily buy the Team USA Olympic Collection to celebrate the Games in style.

What do you think of the uniforms? Let us know!

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